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Well. About a week and a half ago my harddrive crashed and I've essentially been spending that time up until now juggling between getting that fixed and putting all my necessary programs back and catching up with schoolwork when I realize two fairly essential programs that I am missing (though not so essential that it cut into schoolwork time): iTunes that is compatible with the OS I'm suddenly working with and Microsoft Word that is also compatible with the OS I'm suddenly working with. I'm saying 'suddenly working with' because the dear friend that fixed my computer and- a thousand blessing upon him -managed to save 95% of the data on my computer (the missing 5% is basically my own fault), installed the OS for me and while he claims it's the same as before, I suddenly cannot find an iTunes and Word that will work. So at the moment I can't sync up my iPod (livable) and I can't open up any of my .docs (very problematic). When I get out of class tomorrow, now that I've got my workload managed again, I'm going to call my friend about it.

tl;dr- I can't re-post any more chapters of You and I Collide for the time being and am going to do a challenge instead. Let's make this a '5 Things' challenge. You pick a character and something you want to know about them, like "Five Times ______ was Unknowingly Inappropriate" or "Five Pick Up Lines _____ Got Laughed at For", etc, etc. We'll go with the following series:

MLP: Friendship is Magic
Thundercats 2011
Young Justice (comic)
Birds of Prey
Ultimate Spider-Man
One Piece
Mass Effect
Star Wars: RepComm

NOTE: My body's decide I'm not its real mother and is being rebellious so please just one prompt per person. Should've put this up earlier but... rebellion.

CHALLENGE CLOSED also my body is still dying but that's neither here nor there.
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Back from a nice vacation and in the process of trying to get back into my daily routine- which will start tomorrow with a prompt visit to the grocery store...

So, as I resettle we're going to do another challenge with a twist. Pick a series from the list:

MLP: Friendship is Magic
Mass Effect
Birds of Prey
Young Justice (comics)
General DCU
Ultimate Spider-Man
Slam Dunk
One Piece
Invader Zim
Fullmetal Alchemist
Red vs Blue
Star Wars: Republic Commando
Skip Tracers

Series only, please NO CHARACTERS. This is will probably be challenging enough as it.

Pick up a book- preferably the closest one on hand. Go to page 42 and type the 6th sentence. I'll have to make a drabble in your chosen series that uses that sentence.

Let's see how long it takes me to rue this challenge.
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So it looks like I'll most likely be stuck on jury duty for the majority of all next week (if i get past the selection process tomorrow but i can't think of a viable reason why i can't be impartial or available and i'm too honest to lie in this situation- fuck me) NO JURY DUTY FOR ME! ROCK ON!

But (continue to) have a general prompt/challenge thingy anyway. I can't decide if I want to do one-sentence, drabble or sketches so I'm just going to wing it.

Give me a character and a prompt (one prompt per person until your prompt is filled, please) and then I'll write/draw/whatever strikes my fancy in response.


DCU (mainly jli, comics-yj and batfamily, but i'll attempt the glc, secret six, flashfamily and bop)
Transformers (G1/early IDW) (ps- if you want idw's wreckers, please specify otherwise i'll default to my own characterization)
My Little Pony: FiM
Star Wars: RepCom
One Piece (pre-time skip i'm more comfortable with)
Eureka (the earlier, the more familiar)
Discworld (mainly the watch, but i'll give the others a go)
Ultimate Spider-Man
Red vs Blue
A Song of Ice and Fire

Or anything else you know I like and am still familiar with.

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You know the drill- gimme characters and prompts and I'll write a one (or more, laziness pending) sentence response. Three prompts per person until I complete your challenge, then you can request three more.

Let's try to push the variety of subjects a bit more this time...

DC comics: JLI and I shall attempt some Batfamily as well
Discworld, preferably City Watch, but most reoccurring characters are go
Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy VI
One Piece
Ouran Host Club
Red Dwarf
Red vs Blue
Rockman, original series
Star Wars: RepCom
Transformers G1

or original characters

Freestyle and Relay
any Skip Tracers
Mercy Street RP

or you can check out my tags and see if there's anything I've done in the past you want me to give another whack at (not promises on quality)

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Meme time because I'm on the bored side-

Today's theme is First Time. So you prompt me with a character and the first time they (insert activity here). So it could be the first time someone kissed someone else, the first time someone got into a fight or the first time someone ate something that gave them an orgasmic experience. You know- whatever. Just gimme something to have fun with :3

As usual, one prompt per person, once your prompt has been filled, feel free to prompt again! Open until I get bored of this.

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Well, surprise surprise. Slow day at work and no more classes to prepare for for a while. So, to deal with a few more hours of nothing, it's challenge time again (challenges? i do those?)! Let's go ahead and expand what fandoms from what I've usually done in challenges, yes?

Give me a character and/or prompt from:

-Transformers (nominally g1)
-DC comics (jli-era, young justice-era, blue beetle v3, birds of prey are my areas of comfort, though general dcu may work)
-Star Wars (specifically original trilogy, republic commando and clone wars series)

and you'll get a sentence (or... three) in return. You can give up to two prompts at a time. Once your prompts have been fulfilled, you can ask for more.

(x-posted all over the damned place)

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So, doing something slightly different for this challenge. Using my human version of the Wreckers, you the challenger get to pick a character and an age you'd like to see a short drabble of. As always, one prompt per person at a time. This will likely go on for a couple days or so, so once your prompt is fulfilled you can prompt for another one. Just don't mind the slow response times, please.

CHALLENGE CLOSED since I'll be away from my computer pretty much all day tomorrow and then I've got work on the weekend. I'll be finishing up the last couple prompts as soon as I can.
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Due to boredom and an attempt to get some creativity going, I'm once again opening up a 24-hour drabble challenge. So, as before, each person is allowed to give me a character and/or prompt and, once that's been fulfilled, you'll be allowed to prompt again. So have at.

CHALLENGE IS NOW CLOSED I'll be finishing up the last of the prompts as soon as I can, but I'll be taking no more, thanks.
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Okay, not only am I in need of doing something light and fun, I've been having this overwhelming urge to do something OC-centric. So, this challenge is going to be centered around two of my TF characters, Freestyle and Relay. To put shortly, they're both special ops and, in their own way, tend to be mischievous and have a bit of a (rather well-deserved) problem with authority. You can check out a couple comics of them on my dA account.

Therefore, choose one or both of the Rallys and give me a prompt/character. Can't say how on the ball I'll be with these since I'm a little brain fried from too much sun, but let's give it a shot anyway! Need to get back in the practice as it is.
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Taken from [livejournal.com profile] cindy_73. Pick one character and I'll answer as them. These characters must be one of the following (as that's who i know best):

-Wreckers (springer, roadbuster, whirl, twin twist, topspin, broadside, sandstorm, scoop, xantium) (if you want their human versions, please specify)
-Mercy Street (ikkaku, hitsugaya, ice ringer, il forte)
-Skip Tracers (third, tio, kai, kylan, rin, duragon, solo, balt, cowlan, hunter, bowen, chia, sen)
-Rally Bros (freestyle, relay)

1) Pic any one character from any of your favorite fandoms. (Books, TV, Movies, Comics, Manga, Cartoons, Anime, Video Games, Internet)
2) Then answer the questions below as if you where that character.

1) If you could, in retrospect, change one thing about your childhood, what would it be and why?
2) If you were to be stranded forever on a desert island and could have only one book to read, which would you want and why?
3) If you could have personally witnessed one event in your world’s history, what would you have seen and why?
4) If you had to choose the color that describes you most accurately, which color would it be and why?
5) If you had to name the most terrifying moment of your life so far, what would it be and why?
6) If you had to choose the single most valuable thing you ever learned, what would it be and why?
7) If you could “uninvent” one thing in your world’s history so that it would no longer exist, what would it be and why?
8) If you could “unknow” one thing you know, what would it be and why?
9) If you had to name your single worst fear, what would it be and why?
10) If you could have prevented one event in your world’s history, what event would you eliminate and why?

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So, in an effort to get me to write again but in a low-stress setting (and to help kick-start some creative juices) I've decided to do a short series of drabbles. These come from the third prompt list from [livejournal.com profile] 10_whores. Their twist is you have to fill 10 prompts with one central character and a different character for each prompt. The central one is, since he's my favorite, Springer. The rules for this are as follows:

Ten people are allowed to claim one prompt from the list along with one character of their choice. So 10 prompts, 10 requesters, 10 pairs (or as close to pairings as the characters will let me get them). I have no idea how long it'll be for me to get to any of these. It's mainly just for me to keep in the back of my head for whenever I have a free hour or two.

01. navigation - Hound ([livejournal.com profile] mommimus_prime) Darker Paths
02. look to the sky - Silverbolt ([livejournal.com profile] tiptoptile)
03. freedom - Thundercracker ([livejournal.com profile] muffins_of_god) And Lines Between
04. calligraphy - Smokescreen ([livejournal.com profile] meallanmouse) Long is a Dragon
05. a midsummer night - Skids ([livejournal.com profile] vixens_shadow)
06. head in the clouds - Perceptor ([livejournal.com profile] tainry) Struggle On
07. disoriented - Jazz ([livejournal.com profile] nkfloofiepoof)
08. Pandora's box - Prowl ([livejournal.com profile] hellsangelcurse)
09. without a name - Vortex ([livejournal.com profile] kirin_saga)
10. paranoia - Rodimus Prime ([livejournal.com profile] okamichan)

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It's that time again! This month it's a vignette challenge or, perhaps to put it more accurately for what I'm aiming for, a character study. For the next 24 hours (or so) give me one character (just one, not multiple characters) you'd like me to explore. After your request has been complete you can request another but as school has just started for me last week and I'm still in the process of readjusting my life to it, it's likely I'm not going to get these finished as quickly as I normally do. Therefore it would behoove you to choose your character carefully.

CHALLENGE IS NOW CLOSED and I've still got more than half to do... |D;;
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A week exactly. Whups, didn't mean to take this long to get it up. Considered doing something a bit more creative this month but... meh. A 1-sentence challenge is as good as any other.

Three prompts a person, please, until I complete your request in which you can request three more until you get bored or I close the challenge^^

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Okay, instead of the monthly 24-hour challenge this'll probably end up being more like... 50 hours. Or something. Because I'll be having lots of homework and classes and such so I really won't be able to keep up with the prompts as they come in. So, to make up for it I'll be stretching this out until probably Wednesday night.

So this month's challenge? Crossover time. Give me two series (prompts and characters are optional) and I'll write a couple lines or a paragraph in response. You can find a list of things I know either under my interests or tags. Or, if you think I may know something that's not listed you can put it up and I'll let you know if I'm familiar with it or not (most like, though? not).

Please keep it to one prompt to a person. But once your prompt has been completed you can prompt again up until I close the challenge


I'll be finishing up the prompts after I get back from school.
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We're going to be going with something new this month. For the next 24 hours (or longer if i'm feeling bored enough), you give me a premise and I'll write a teaser. That is, give me a prompt or short summary of a longer story- along with characters or just a series for a general cast kind of thing -and I'll write a couple paragraph teaser for it.

And, just so you know, if you see any teasers you feel the sudden urge to turn into a longer piece you're more than welcome to use it. Just so long as you credit me for the bit that you use and link me to the final bit. I like reading =3

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Due to outside commitments and stress draining my creativity, this month's 24-hour challenge will be more 1-sentence prompts. I'll allow up to three prompts from a person (character + word), the only catch this time- and I'll even bold it so you'll be more apt to read this -if you give me multiple prompts, no two must be from the same series. So you can't ask for, say, three One Piece prompts or two One Piece prompts and one Zim. All three (if you choose to give me three) must be from different series.

The prompts that don't follow this direction will be ignored.

You can find what I'm comfortable writing either in my interest lists or my memories/tags. All get to these as quick as I can, but sometimes circumstances has me being a little on the slow side.

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So it's JUST slow enough for me to put this up. It'll be the first of my (hopefully) monthly 24-hour challenges. If I can recall to do this on a monthly basis it'll be (idealy) on the first or within the first week of the month.

So this month's challenge is going to be backstory. Pick a character- whatever character you know (or think) I'm familiar with and I'll write a short drabble depicting their past however I see it. Because I probably won't be able to get to these as quickly as my previous challenges, you're free to pick three characters at a time. After I've finished all three of your challenges, you may pick another three. If someone else has picked a character you wanted to see a story of, you can still ask for them and I'll just do a different scene.

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I am bored and I have over two hours before we close to store down. You know what this means? 1 Sentence Challenge time!

Rules are as normal. Give me a character/fandom + prompt and I'll write a line (or more) as I'm able to. As many people can prompt as many times as you want, but I'd like individuals to give me only one a piece, not five or whatever. I don't want to get overloaded by these.

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I forsee this being a very, very slow workday so I'm opening up one-liner prompts. Your usual rules, give me characters/fandom + prompt and I'll write a line (or more) when I'm able to. Only one prompt per person at a time, please. I may end up getting bored but I don't want to overload.

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I'm bored. Give me three words and you'll get either one sentence or a short drabble. Only one prompt at a time, please.


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