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Title: A Place to Rest
Fandom: Mortal Kombat
Rating: G
Word Count: 494
Characters: Kuai Liang, Hanzo
Summary: An ignominious accident leads to a peaceful afternoon.

"I cannot believe you were knocked out by a frisbee."

"Young Jin has a very good arm, though perhaps not aim. Regardless, you should be proud."

Hanzo chuckled. "I am. I doubt the Lin Kuei's previous grandmasters, however, are."

Had he said that just a few years prior, Kuai Liang would've considered it an insult. Perhaps even two years ago it would have stung. Now, having long since memorized the look of deep fondness in the gentle tease of Hanzo's smile, it just made Kuai Lang chuckle. Until the pain in his head caused him to wince.

"The great Sub-Zero," Hanzo continued, hand running lightly through Kuai Liang's mussed hair, "felled by a pre-teen and a plastic plaything."

"I will have that frisbee mounted in our training hall as a legendary weapon." Kuai Liang's voice was grave except for the amused smile threading through it. Hanzo chuckled again and the two masters lapsed into silence. Kuai Liang closed his eyes and listened to the activity around them.

On record it was a week-long joint training between the two former rival clans. Everyone else had taken to Johnny's definition: family vacation. It had started even before the relationship between Hanzo and Kuai Liang became romantic, when it actually was training to promote unity between the clans. It had since become a chance for clan members to get away from their isolated mountains and strict training, a chance to have fun and venture out into the rest of the world and society, a chance for them to see what other options were available to them if they so wanted. And it always seemed to make the two masters feel even closer together, watching their clans intermingling, having fun, teaching each other new things and greeting each other like friends.

Perhaps Johnny's term was more accurate than he had intended.

Kuai Liang sighed, contented. When he opened his eyes to see Hanzo, looking at something in the distance and smiling softly, he said, "I'm on your lap."

Hanzo looked down at him, tucking a loose strand of hair- his hair was almost always down during this week -behind his ear. "Your cognitive functions are as adept as ever, I see we have no reason to fear a concussion."

Kuai Liang gave a huff of laughter. Hanzo's dry and sharp sense of humor was one of Kuai Liang's favorite discoveries of the man. "I've never had my head in your lap before." He paused in thought. "Or anyone's lap, I don't believe." He turned his head, nuzzling against Hanzo's and thigh. "You're very comfortable."

"Does this mean you have no intention of vacating it any time soon?"

"Why? Are you needed somewhere?"

Hanzo's smile was warm and sweet, his nails scratching softly over Kuai Liang's beard. "Not for a while yet."

His fingers traced up Kuai Liang's cheek and began stroking through his hair again and Kuai Liang settled in, closed his eyes and soon dozed off peacefully.

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