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Title: Another Interruption
Fandom: DC TV
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1057
Characters: Len, Mick, Barry
Summary: Barry continues to have awkward villain encounters.

Ever since the Tricksters fiasco, Barry had taken to buzzing galas, balls, any gathering where rich, well-to-do and influential people went in numbers. This particular one was an opening of a new veterans hospital which Barry couldn't help but find odd that a vast majority of the people were the super rich. There were some actual military there, cluster from every branch in their sharpest dress uniforms. Barry ran by a second time and when he realized something had caught his attention, he made a one block u-turn twenty streets down and came to a stop outside the party less than two seconds later.

Sure enough, just as he'd seen, there was Cold mingling around in a suit and pleasant smile, a bag hanging crosswise on his body and something in his hand. Whoever he was talking to didn't seem to recognize him at all. Barry waited until Cold's company wandered off before blasting through, grabbing the man and zinging to an unoccupied part of the grounds- Barry wanted to stick nearby, knowing Cold preferred to work with a crew.

Barry shoved the older man up against a wall, hands on the sleek lapels of his suit. "What are you up to?"

"We really need to stop meeting like this."

"Then stop being a criminal!" Barry put on his best growl. "You know I'm going to stop whatever's going on, so why do you keep trying?"

Cold tilted his head to the side, his nonchalance was putting a niggling feeling in the back of Barry's brain. "If I remember our encounters correctly, current count has me in the lead."

"I'm more than willing to even that out right now."

"Are you really going to interfere with the Constitutional right of freedom of the press?" Barry stared at him and Cold held up the object he had in hand- a camera -and a press pass for the Keystone Herald in the other, complete with Cold's photo and a fake name.

Barry screwed up his face, insulted at the idea that would be enough to dissuade him. "You really expect me to believe that's real?"

"Real enough to get me in."

He narrowed his eyes, the niggling feeling in the back of his brain finally forming into a coherent thought: Cold had been both at the edge of the party and in a very visible area, it almost seemed like Cold wanted Barry to see him. Barry gave him a hard shove, not enough room to punch the breath out of Cold's lungs but enough to shake him a bit. "What are you up to?"

Somewhere from behind, someone asked, "What's going on here?"

Barry barely glanced over his shoulder, just enough to recognize the chevrons. "It's alright, Sergeant, I've got it taken care of." Then he did a double take, brain stuttering to a halt when he realized who it was. "Holy shit."

Beside him, Cold purred. "I know."

Standing there, looking like he'd just stepped out of a softcore porn masquerading as a recruitment poster, was Mick Rory in full Marine Corps dress blues. The red trimmed epaulets emphasized his broad shoulders, medals and ribbons doing similar for his chest and coupled with the white belt made his waist even trimmer. The high collar and white cover made his jaw seem stronger, blood stripe on his trousers making his legs seem longer and every inch of him was carefully maintained perfection. Barry could only let out a 'guh' at the sight.

"Careful whose husband you're ogling, Scarlet." Though Cold was smirking, there was a definite threat in his words and Barry shook himself out of his daze.

"I wasn't ogling!" Much. Because that was just weird because super villain. A thought hit Barry and he squinted at Heatwave's chest. "Wait- are those real?"

"They're accurate if that's what you mean," he said, looking down. "Can't chance picking stuff at random- place is crawling with Marines and they'd spot something wrong in a second."

Barry looked between the two, expression becoming trepidatious. "Did... I interrupt another one of your roleplaying dates?"

Cold gave him a flat look. "Why else do you think we'd be here?"


Heatwave snarled. "You think we're gonna steal from a veterans hospital? We're crooks, not assholes!"

"Besides," Cold waved a hand at his partner. "I don't know if you noticed, but Mick doesn't exactly have a lot of places to stash loot or a weapon."

"Couldn't bring that sword to this stupid party," Heatwave groused.

"You have a camera bag!"

Cold obligingly opened it up, showing additional lenses, lamps and an empty space for the camera currently in his hand. "Yes. Because I have a camera."

"Maybe the camera's fake!" There was a flash of light, right before Barry managed to close his mouth and Cold turned the camera around so Barry could see the rather unflattering picture of himself on the screen. "...that doesn't prove you're not here to commit a crime."

"And, yet again, you have no proof that we are planning anything illegal so run along, Scarlet."

Barry pressed his lips into a thin line, hands clenching impotently. "I know you two will be up to your old tricks sooner or later so remember- I'm keeping an eye on you."

"I'm not exactly an exhibitionist and I'm terrible at sharing so pass."

Barry felt his face heat up. "Ugh, you're even more unbearable now that I know about your relationship." With that, he flashed off, leaving the two criminals alone on the edges of the party.

"Well," Cold said after a fair few minutes have passed, "he won't be coming back tonight. Let's get this heist on the road, shall we?" They had no plans to rob a veterans hospital but Lisa was waiting with an empty car carrier in a lightly monitored section of a lot filled with incredibly high-end cars.

"Finally." Heatwave rolled his shoulders, making the medals on his chest flash. "Can't wait to get into something maneuverable."

Before he could move to where a change of clothes was stashed, Cold stepped in close enough his breath brushed over his partner's lips. "Don't wrinkle that uniform, you'll be putting it on again tonight."

Cold stepped around Heatwave with the kind of smirk that always made the other man shudder. He licked his lips and grinned. "Yes, sir!"
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