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Title: Extra Credit
Fandom: DC TV
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1743
Characters: Len, Mick
Summary: Leonard tries to negotiate a better grade with his distractingly sexy teacher.

It wasn't Leonard's style of bar in the slightest- overpriced, music a little too melancholy, lighting trying too hard to mimic jazz lounges from period movies and the patrons either overly put together or too exhausted to care. On the plus side, those were also the same reasons why no students came in despite its proximity to the local college. That, in turn, was why the teachers from said college came here, for alcohol or company.

And, just as Leonard was hoping, there was the man he was looking for: Mick Rory, professor of physical chemistry and current ban of Leonard's existence. Not only was his scholarship in jeopardy due to his grade in that class, his grade was so bad solely because Rory was so... distracting. Leonard wasn't certain why he was so captivated by the man, more awkward looking than conventionally handsome with his large, thick glasses that even hipsters would avoid and tweed suits that looked cut in the 70's. But bad suits couldn't hide the breadth of Rory's shoulders and the glasses didn't obscure the warmth in Rory's face when he actually smiled. Not to mention, when Rory got worked up teaching, he had a tendency to throw off his jacket- and Leonard had not ever thought suspenders attractive until that semester -and roll up his sleeves, revealing thickly corded forearms. Plus the hilarious and biting retorts he made when a student was being deliberately obtuse or disruptive. Leonard really couldn't find himself at fault for spending more time fantasizing about how those big hands would feel on his skin than on any lecture.

Leonard took a moment to wipe his hands against his thighs and take a deep breath, heart beating incessantly fast at what he was about to do. It was hardly his first seduction, nor his first attempt in a public venue but he'd never done this particular scenario before. A few- mostly solitary -people looked up at his entrance but there wasn't a spark of recognition in any of them. Good, the last thing he wanted was for someone to make this awkward.

He went up to the bar like there wasn't an ulterior motive going through his head and ordered a rum and coke, passively noting a few people checking him out, sizing him up in a silk collared shirt that billowed slightly and dark jeans that clung tight. Despite his overt disregard, the interest was welcomed- Leonard knew that he was desirable but it was a nice boost to his self-confidence.

When Leonard turned to make his way to the professor's table, he caught the older man turning away very quickly, as if he'd been doing something he hadn't wanted Leonard to notice. Leonard grinned to himself. Chances that this encounter may end up just as he'd been hoping shot up.

Leonard sauntered up to Rory's table, keeping the slight curve of a smile on his lips, just waiting for the professor to realize he couldn't ignore the fact one of his students was coming right up to him. "Professor," Leonard said just short of a purr, helping himself to a seat just a hair too close to be proper. "I'm glad I found you, I'm afraid I'm having a bit of a problem with your class."

"Your grades make that obvious enough," came the gruff reply. That deep voice had been the first thing to sufficiently distract Leonard from the class. How could he possibly pay attention to what Rory was saying when all he wanted to do was taste the words that rumbled out of his throat?

"I was hoping you could spare some after hours time to help me out."

Rory gave him a flat look. "It's a little after after hours."

Leonard just smiled, determined to see this through. He ran a finger around the rim of his glass, his rings drawing Rory's attention- Leonard had long since noticed the man seemed to have a fascination with fine hands and, vain though it might sound, Leonard was aware he had some very fine hands. "I try at regular hours but there's always a line. Either you're a very popular man or you enjoy students throwing themselves at your mercy." He lifted his hand up, proud to see Rory's eyes follow, and ran his finger over his lower lip. Rory jerked- caught watching -and slouched like he was trying to hide behind his glasses. "Are you sure you don't have time for me to do the latter? I'll beg."

To his delight, Rory seemed to flush. "If you're trying to get me to do something inappropriate-"

"What's inappropriate about a student willing to do anything for extra credit? Or perhaps private tutelage?" Leonard ran his foot along the length of Rory's leg.

He jerked again, pushing himself upright in his seat once more. "Snart."

"Yes, Professor?" Leonard asked innocently, taking a long drink while his gaze remained intent on Rory.

Rory rallied his gruffness admirably to say, "I said on the first day of class I don't just give out extra credit."

"I promise you," Leonard leaned in, close enough their knees brushed together, "my efforts will be worth it."

Rory shifted a bit though not enough to break contact with Leonard, "Why are struggling? I've seen your transcript-"

"Are you allowed to do that?" Leonard asked mildly.

"-and my class is the only one you've ever had problems in." Rory crossed his arms, not quite looking stern enough to cover the spark of uncertainty in his eyes. "Is there a problem with my style of teaching?"

"Yes, actually," Leonard's heart beat double time, throwing himself into this headlong. "I'm too busy wondering what your cock tastes like to pay attention."

Rory, caught in the middle of a drink, choked. "What?"

Leonard gave into the urge to flatten the wayward corner of Rory's collar. "There's no way I can believe you've never been propositioned before. Intelligent, passionate- and don't think I haven't noticed all that muscle on your arms."

Rory drew back, spluttering so much Leonard was tempted to put his hand on the other man's thigh, just to see how flustered he'd get the higher Leonard dragged his hand. "That- I can't- you're a student! My student!"

"Thank you for noticing," Leonard drawled. "But I'm hardly some near-underage co-ed, fresh-faced to the world." There was no point hiding his... troubled background if Rory really had looked at his transcript.

"No," the man agreed, and he might have been convincingly affronted by this if his eyes weren't blown black and he wasn't looking at Leonard with a new, electric intensity, "you're something of a bad boy."

Leonard leaned forward, finger skimming over the lapel of Rory's jacket. "You have a thing for naughty students," he grabbed Rory's tie and pulled, lightly, but Rory followed all the same, "Professor?"

"I'm not exactly a saint," he rumbled, sending another shiver down Leonard's back.

Leonard licked his lips, mouth gone dry as he battled the urge to lean in further for a taste. "My place is nearby," he said, his mostly untouched drink forgotten at his elbow, "in case you want to discuss the best way to improve my grade in private."

Rory downed his drink, still close enough his tie hadn't slipped out of Leonard's loose grip. "Alright."

Leonard's 'place' was actually a motel a couple blocks over but Rory didn't care, more interested in pressing Leonard up against the wall just inside the door, those big hands on Leonard's waist and tongue delving in his mouth. When they parted, Rory tilted his head down slightly, tracing a finger across the loops of black leather and silver around Leonard's neck. "Did you get all dolled up for me?"

"Told you," he said, slowly undoing the buttons of his shirt, smirk widening as Rory groaned at the exposed skin, "I'll put in every effort for you."

Rory caught him up in another kiss, hard and demanding with just an edge of sweetness- the way Leonard liked it best and he wrapped his arms around Rory's shoulders, humming in approval. He pushed Rory's jacket off, hands sliding down his chest to tug the tie loose. He pulled back so he could focus on opening Rory's shirt, tilting his head to let the professor occupy himself on Leonard's neck. Leonard carefully pulled the shirt off while leaving the suspenders up- he was stupidly infatuated with them -and sucked in a breath. "Fuck," he palmed at Rory's body, hard muscle under a layer of softness, "it should be a crime to be hiding something like this."

"You trying to flatter your way to a B?"

"I am quite proficient with B's."

Rory pulled back with a snarl that made Leonard snicker, "I can still walk out."

"But you wouldn't really want to."

"Smart ass punk." His ire quickly melted as Leonard leaned in for another kiss, slower, deeper, shifting so he could draw Rory further into the room. Bands of light from a nearby neon sign snuck in through the drawn blinds giving them both just enough to see by as Leonard pushed Rory onto the bed, pausing to admire the flush and swollen lips and half naked body. Leonard reached for the glasses and pulled them off. His cock twitched. Oh yes, the man looked much, much better without them.

"This is ridiculous- you can't actually think I look good dressed like an idiot." Mick drawled, voice sharper and rougher than he'd been using all night. Len smirked, happily surprised that his partner had stuck to character for so long.

"Not at all," Len agreed, dropping his own character. "But you know how much I enjoy it when you do what I tell you."

"Still can't believe this is a kink of yours."

"Not exactly, but any excuse to get you in a suit."

"This suit? I look like a photo of someone's granddad going to prom while you look like sex on legs." Mick scowled. "Can't believe you fucking made me go out in public like this."

As ridiculous as the whole thing made Len feel, the fact Mick had willingly gone out in public like that purely because Len wanted him to made it all the hotter. "I'll make it up to you."

"Damn right you will. First," he palmed Len's head, guiding him down to where his cock was straining against his trousers, "let's see how you do with that extra credit."

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