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Title: A Sight to Behold
Fandom: DC TV
Rating: PG-13-ish?
Word Count: 710
Characters: Len, Mick
Summary: Inspired by this post. Len's attempt to plan is unwittingly derailed.

The blueprints aren't going to study themselves but Len sure as hell isn't doing much to study them, either. There's a couple pages of them laid out under some tracing paper, pens of various colors, sticky notes and a note book filled with cramped writing and schedules and Len can't take his fucking eyes off the other side of the room.

It's Mick's place, Len can't really complain about how he sets it up. It's a shoddily constructed studio so no matter where Len or Mick's makeshift, hodgepodge gym are, they'd always be visible to each other.

(and he's not going to complain, not when Mick is working out while Len plans as if he's not a huge fucking distraction with a sweat-drenched tanktop and all those damn muscles)

Len's options for places to work is extremely limited. He can, logically, go to the other side of the table so his back is to Mick. He prefers having the wall to his back but this is Mick's place, not his father's house and he trusts Mick to watch out for him.

(it won't help anyway, Mick's grunts and heavy breathing will just drill its way into Len's head and the mental tracking he'll have of Mick will go from one act of strenuous activity to a completely fantasy other kind and then Len will really be in trouble)

Besides, whenever Len gets frustrated with the plan, Mick not only makes a handy sounding board, he's also had invaluable advice and insight in the past.

(also sometimes he'll come over to look over the plans, giving Len ample opportunity to memorize the planes of his chest and breadth of his shoulders though sometimes Mick will lean in close enough Len has to surreptitiously bit his own lip because he wants to nibble on that thick muscle at the curve of Mick's neck)

It isn't a constant distraction. If Len can get into the rhythm of planning quick enough, nothing will be able to break his focus. It's just sometimes, like today, hormones will get the best of him and Len can't seem to take his eyes off Mick.

(for as much imagery it supplies Len with at night, watching Mick's calisthenic routine is going to be the fucking end of him, especially given Mick tends to shed his shirt partway through and his sweats are so old and thin they cling to Mick's legs and backside)

Mick finishes his set on the pull-up bar, the end of his routine. In absolute ignorance of Len's staring problem, Mick pulls his tanktop off and grabs a glass of water he has on hand. Len doesn't avert his gaze in time to not be caught as Mick turns but he looks intently down at his plans as if his partner will go away if Len can't see him. He hears the sound of approaching footsteps and looks up- Mick coming over, tanktop draped across his shoulders like a towel, gulping down water.

(Len tries very, very hard not to imagine burying his head against Mick's neck or licking up the sheen of sweat on his belly and he can't help wonder if that's a weird thing to want to do)

Mick studies him and Len tries not to get defensive, hoping he isn't looking as desperately horny as he feels. After a moment, Mick says, "I'm gonna take a shower and get us some dinner. Any preferences?"

(he has to bite his tongue to keep from blurting out something stupid)

"Something that won't get on the plans."

Mick looks down at the table and Len tenses because he knows Mick can see how much work Len hasn't gotten done. "Gonna be another all-nighter, boss?"

"You know me. I do my best thinking at night."

(that seems to be the only time Len can think these days because Mick's either out drinking or asleep)

Mick grunts and goes and Len tries not to imagine him in the shower. In a few minutes he's back out and dressed and tosses out an absent, "Be back," before leaving. Len counts down the minutes after the door slams before he heads to the bathroom for a little extra privacy, shoving a hand down his pants as he goes.
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