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Title: Monitor Duty
Fandom: Transformers: Rescue Bots
Rating: G
Word Count: 505
Characters: Chase, Heatwave
Summary: Takes place after 3x25. Heatwave probably shouldn't be as amused with Chase's injury as he is.

Chase glared up from his wheelchair, "Did you not say I was cleared for active duty?"

"No," Heatwave replied, unbudged. "I said you were ready to get back to work. And monitor duty is part of it."

Chase fumed as best he was able to and Heatwave couldn't help the amusement coiling in his spark. It was rare to get Chase annoyed enough to express it but when he did he came shockingly close to mimicking Kade's pout. "Blades told you to stay off your feet and, even though you rescued someone, that stunt you pulled aggravated your injury." The combination of the injury and distance from the waterfall to the firehouse resulted in Blades having to carrying Chase back on his hook. "So you're back on dispatch."

"The usage of the word 'back' implied I would be on the field again!"

"In this case, it means I don't have your comm muted." Chase gaped and Heatwave could barely keep a straight face. Sometimes it was just so much fine riling his normally unflappable teammate. "Joking. Mostly." There was that glower-pout again. "Primus, it's been so long since you were hurt enough to go on light duty, I forgot what a terrible patient you are."

"Of the two of us, you certainly are the one more prone to injury. Generally via reckless behavior."

The jab just made Heatwave grin wider. "Ooooooh, someone's torqued!" He softened a little as Chase hunkered in his seat further. "C'mon- you know dispatch is an important job. And Cody can't always do it. You'll be helping the team and Cody specifically."

That made Chase's expression ease slightly. All the Rescue Bots had a soft spot for the kid. "I believe," he said, tone verging on bitter, "recent events have made it clear that I am not the best judge of human behavior."

"That's just because you're over thinking things. You always do whenever you're taken off the field." Heatwave moved until he was kneeling next to Chase. The brace had been put back on his leg and Heatwave placed his hand on it, just above the injury. "You start worrying that you're not pulling your weight, that you're a burden and you're so desperate to be useful that you jump to conclusions and make rash decisions. You have good instincts, Chase. You proved that when you were suspicious of Maura's assistant. Just because we didn't listen doesn't mean you weren't doing your job."

He hesitated, optics flickering to the monitors, then back to Heatwave. "...I will be assisting the team?"

Logically Chase knew he would be but he wasn't asking for confirmation, he was asking to be reassured. Heatwave squeezed his leg. "Absolutely, Chase. And even if you weren't, there's always gonna be a place for you with us. Nothing's gonna keep you from being my partner."

Chase smiled, small and tentative. "Thank you, Heatwave. I suppose I should begin my shift." He eased out from under Heatwave's hand, directing the chair to the monitors and settled in to observe.
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