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Hahaha how do you write Wonder Woman hahahahahaha. Set in some vague time because I haven't read anything 52 or beyond.

Title: By Any Other Name
Fandom: DCU
Rating: PG
Word Count: 684
In Responds to: robininthelabyrinth
Characters: Len, Diana
Summary: Cold contemplates his crush on Wonder Woman, she contemplates his name.

He still wasn't sure how it happened but Cold was now a member of the Justice League. They must've been really hurting on their last membership drive, he supposed. But it came with perks- getting to hang out in outer-fucking-space on the Watchtower, access to a global teleportation system, meeting heroes that were actually pretty cool and not at all sanctimonious and, best of all, there was Wonder Woman.

It wasn't enough that she was powerful and gorgeous and composed even in the most disastrous situations, she also- and Cold was embarrassed that such a thing would end up being a turn off -treated him like a normal person. She wasn't suspicious of him because he of his criminal background (Superman) or because he was a new member (Batman). Wonder Woman had actually talked with him extensively upon his membership in order to get an idea of his capabilities and who his abilities would compliment best. Then she took it upon herself to give him a tour of the Watchtower and maked sure he had everything he needed.

She was a goddamn saint and Cold found himself following her around like a puppy the first few days.

(Some of the lower-tiered heroes- everyone below the main frontliners -admitted everyone had some kind of crush on Wonder Woman. Even the ones with spouses around nodded without a hint of guilt. Cold felt a little better about that.)

But, he figured, it wasn't like he had a chance with her anyway. Asides from being Wonder Woman and a princess, she was an ambassador on top of that. The only way a former thief and murder like him had hope was in a movie. He had horrible luck with women anyway, a fact the other Rogues had taken great glee in. So he was content to admire and quietly lust after her from afar, knowing nothing would come of it.

After a month- which Cold assumed had to have been part of a trial period because that's how he ran the Rogues -Wonder Woman went up to him and asked, "What name would you like me to call you?"

He blinked behind his visor, not expecting that question. "Cold is fine."

She smiled patiently and Cold dared to think there was an amused gleam in her eyes. "Outside of missions, I prefer to call everyone by their first names. It makes me feel closer to them and not merely as someone I work with. Unless you prefer to keep your identity secret as some do."

No, he just thought his name was embarrassing but he wasn't about to admit that to Wonder Woman. "What's your name?" He blurted out, then hastily added, "It's only fair."

Her smile grew and she was definitely amused. Cold's heart pounded. "Diana."

"That's a beautiful name." It took all his willpower not to slap himself in the face. "I mean, it suits you. Uh... Leonard. Name's Leonard."

She hummed thoughtfully. "Your name suits you as well." He gave her an incredulous look. "It's a strong name, stalwart and noble-hearted, much like yourself." The incredulous look grew and Diana laughed. "Despite what you might think, you care about the people around you. It's why I've suggested you work in groups, because I know you'll look out for your team." She smiled like she could see right through Cold. "Having gotten to know you, I can see why the Rogues were so formidable under your leadership."

"They're still formidable under my sister," he snapped back, more defensive than he meant.

Diana didn't seem to take offense to that. "I hadn't meant to imply they weren't. You must love your sister dearly."

"She was the only good thing I had growing up. Shoulda done better by her, but I'm proud of who she's become." His teeth clacked shut, wondering if Diana's lasso could affect people by mere proximity.

His breath caught as Diana's hand touched his shoulder, palm resting against his chest. Her smiled softened with warmth and, had Cold known any better, admiration. "As I thought, Leonard. You are as noble-hearted as your name."
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